Vortexbox Distributor for Australia

Vortexbox (Australia) is the authorised distributor of the Vortexbox appliance for Australia & New Zealand.
As well as supplying the Vortexbox, we also cover the warranty for all Vortexbox appliances supplied by us. They are built for Australia & all parts come from Australian distributors.

The official announcement was made on the US web site today, see it here.

24 Mar 10 Vortexbox now with Subsonic

Since SimplifyMedia is gone we need a replacement. VortexBox community members alerted Andrew, (our lead designer), to a cool up and coming project Subsonic. This is a web interface for listening to music that also works with the iPhone and Android. They even have a remote location service so it work outside your network.

Subsonic also supports changing the cover art on albums. It’s actually better then Simplify Media thanks for finding this!

To install Subsonic first update VortexBox to the latest using the package manager. Then you can install it from the package manager software list.

Please remember to donate €20 to the author for this great piece of free software.