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23rd December, 2017
VortexBox (Australia) is for sale!

For Sale
We've been operating VortexBox (Australia) for just over 8 years here in Canberra. It has always been run on a part time basis from our home, but due to changes in our life, it's time to pass the baton.

If youre interested in selling the great range of audio devices from Sonore & Small Green Computer as well as building & distributing the Australian versions of the VortexBox media server, please contact us by clicking here or sending an email to sales@vortexbox.com.au.
15th July, 2017
microRendu Hardware Upgrade
A board to upgrade the microRendu hardware has been released. This will upgrade the microRendu hardware from version 1.3 to 1.4. Amongst other things it shares one of the key components of the ultraRendu, The oscillator utilised for the ultraRendu CPU & USB regenerative circuit. To find out more including pricing & how to get your microRendu upgraded, please click here.
11th July, 2017
The ultraRendu has been released
The ultraRendu  is the next step up from the microRendu. It features improved sound quality due to improved hardware, is a little bit bigger & has all the ports on one end. To find out more including pricing, please click here.
We will have stock shortly & are happy to accept pre-orders. If you'd like to know more, please click here to visit the product page for further details & pricing.

There is a really good review of the ultraRendu on the Digital Audio Review web site here.

9th June, 2017
microRendu software upgrade
The microRendu's operating system software has been upgraded to version 2.5. Because this upgrade includes a change of the Fedora Core operating system that underlies it, an in place upgrade over your internet connection can not be performed.

The upgrade can be ordered from us by sending an email to us on sales@vortexbox.com.au or clicking here.

You can read more about the upgrade at https://www.audiostream.com/content/sonicorbiter-25-making-microrendu-better.
microRendu 2.5 software upgrade
28th May, 2017
End of Financial Year Sale!

We're having an end of financial year sale!

Entry level VortexBox, (2 gig/1TB), $385.00 plus delivery instead of  $455.00 plus delivery, while stocks last, please see http://vortexbox.com.au/vortexbox.html for further information.

VBA Player, a replacement SqueezeBox player & Roon end point, $245.00 plus delivery instead of $335.00,
while stocks last, please see http://vortexbox.com.au/vba_player.html for further information.
26th March, 2017
Roon Server

Since Roon was released in 2015, its taken the digital audio world by storm. Its won the Stereophile 2015 Product of the  Year, the Computer Audiophile Overall Product of the Year 2015 & the Digital Audio Review Product of the Year 2015.

Since we started offering players that supported Roon, (Sonicorbiter & the microRendu), we've had clients asking if a VortexBox could run Roon. The sad answer was that most of the VortexBoxes running the Atom or low end Celeron processors were not up to the demands of running Roon server. We've since added the sonicTransporter server products that will run Roon Server, but most of them don't rip CDs.

Enter the VortexBox Roon! It runs the Vortexbox software giving you all the VortexBox features including CD ripping, (excluding Logitech Media Server), on beefed up hardware capable of running Roon Server in a fanless case.

To find out more, including specifications & pricing, please click here.
14th March, 2017
Product Reviews

We've put up a new page on our web site with links to product reviews. You can find it at www.vortexbox.com.au/reviews.html or by clicking on the Reviews link at the top of the page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!
7th March, 2017
We're pleased to introduce our first new product for 2017, the microJukebox. Developed by the same company that created the Sonicorbiter SE, microRendu & the sonicTransporter and created the VortexBox software.
The microJukebox was created to bring all of your Music CDs back to life. Turn in your old CD Player / CD Changer for 21st century solution that you will be proud to own.  Escape the musical dark ages with the latest in music technology...

Solution:  The microJukebox is a low power, Music Server NAS (Network Attached Storage) that will automatically rip Music CDs to its internal hard drive and serve them up to your network player or locally attached DAC.

To find out more about the microJukebox including pricing, please click here.

30th November, 2016
USB to SPDIF converter
We're pleased to announce a new product, the VortexBox SPDIF converter. We've introduced to help end users with problem DACs like the NAD M51 DAC, the exaSound  DACs & other plus any DACS that don't have a USB input.

For further information & pricing, please visit the USB to SPDIF converter page here.
24th October, 2016
the sonicTransporter
We're pleased to introduce a new product, the sonicTransporter. The sonicTransporter sits alongside our range of VortexBox media servers, but is optimised for audio & as well as being available with optional internal storage, will work with an external USB hard drive or network share/NAS. You can find out all about it here!
At present we are stocking the base model but are happy to import upon request the sonicTransporter i5, (which has an Intel i5 processor), & the models with internal storage.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information. You can contact us on sales@vortexbox.com.au or by clicking here.

5th October, 2016
New Models
For nearly as long as we've been supplying VortexBoxes, we've been building custom versions for clients upon request. Over the lat couple of years, more than 50% of VortexBoxes we've delivered have been custom orders, so we've decided to release some of the more common requests as new models.

To that end, we're please to announce the VortexBox Micro, the VortexBox Silent & the VortexBox NUC. Just lick on the links to check out each model.

We're also offering a new model called the VB Player Plus. This is movie/video player rather than a server & is  designed to work with any of our VortexBox appliances, particularly the VortexBox Plus or most other DLNA media network streamers. It runs Windows 10 Home & comes pre-loaded with Squeezelite, Kodi & Plex for Windows. To find out more about it, please click here.

2nd September, 2016
Happy Customer
We love happy clients! We received the email below from a new client late last month

Thanks Peter

I received it Wednesday. I can't believe how much better it sounds to my Daphile/ NUC combo. I'm glad I listened to Clay, and I was looking for a fanless computer, BINGO. 


2nd August, 2016
I've been the happy owner of a LH Labs Geek Pulse DAC for about 12 months now. It sounds great, particularly with a microRendu driving it & it has a RRP of around $1700.00. It has great definition/clarity, the sound stage is well defined & the bass sounds real.

About a month ago we started reselling the Gieseler Audio range of linear power supplies & DACs, so I asked Clayton from Gieseler Audio for a loan of one of his DACs to review. I've just (sadly) sent it back to him.

The Gieseler Klein II USB DAC sounds even better than my LH Labs DAC. The sound has more definition & is more layered
. You can not only hear where instruments or singers are on the sound stage left to right, but also front to back. I want one, I've just got to get it past my wife!

Below is a recent comment from a customer about this DAC,

Clay this is certainly an amazing sounding DAC. I have had 2 high end DACs in my system over the last few years. First one was a Moon 380D (around 7k) which I didn't like the sound of at all so I sold it. My current one is an Antelope Gold DAC (around 3k) which is a great unit but I find that it pushes the highs in the DAC section so it's pretty fatiguing for my ears even after a short time listening. So I'm just using the pre amp on the Antelope with the Klein. I even found the DAC in my Rega Apolla R to sound better than the Antelope DAC. Which again highlights how well the DAC is implemented in the design. The Klein sounds very natural indeed. It's got a real nice full bodied sound and the bass is great. The imaging is so stable and the sound stage is awesome. It's super smooth on the highs which is perfect for my system. I just got new floor standers with ribbon tweeters so the detail is superb. I briefly heard a ps audio direct stream DAC early in the year and I think this is comparable. They both sound warm and non digital. I think it's only going to get better with the DAC after a few weeks of use. It's going to be great to hear all my music through this fantastic product. 

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to send me an email!

12th July, 2016
The microRendu has arrived
Our first stock of the microRendu arrived yesterday afternoon. For current pricing & further information, please visit our Products page.

All those people who pre-ordered, your microRendus are leaving today!

1st July, 2016
Linear Power Supplies & USB DACs
We have been looking for a range of good quality Australian made linear power supplies for some time. We have found the products of Gieseler Audio which are available for the microRendu, Sonicorbiter & VortexBoxes with external 12 volt power supplies. For pricing & further details, please click here to visit our power supplies page.

We've also been looking for some good quality USB DACs to supply alongside the lower priced ones we've been offering for a while. Coincidentally, Gieseler Audio also manufacture 2 high quality USB DACs. For further information on these, please visit our DACs page by clicking here.

22nd June, 2016
The microRendu is coming!
You've probably read about it on the various Internet audio forums such as Computer Audiophile. Its coming to Australia & you can pre-order it for the special price of $858.00 inc GST plus delivery. For further information, please check it out on the Products page.


VortexBox (Australia) has been the distributor of the VortexBox appliance for Australia & New Zealand since 2009.
To find out more about the VortexBox software & for software support, please visit www.vortexbox.org.

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