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Vortexbox (Australia) has been the distributor of the Vortexbox appliance for Australia & New Zealand since 2009.
To find out more about the Vortexbox software & for software support, please visit www.vortexbox.org.

Gieseler Linear Power SupplyThis is the Gieseler Linear power supply, available as a 5 volt or 7.5 volt unit offering up to 1.5 amps, suitable for use with the VBA Player, Sonicorbiter or microRendu.

When ordering, specify which voltage you require & what you'll be using it with so we know which cable tip to supply.

Price is $275.00 inc GST & delivery to anywhere in Australia. For overseas orders, please contact us for pricing.

To help keep pricing down, the manufacturer will ship straight to you, so that there is only one lot of freight in the price.
This is the Gieseler 12 volt linear power supply which supplies up to 4 amps. Its suitable for use with any of our VortexBoxes that use an external power supply. It's also suitable for the Sonictransporter. It uses the same case as the 5/7.5 volt model above.

Price is $350.00 inc GST & delivery to anywhere in Australia. For delivery to overseas addresses, please contact us for pricing.

To help keep pricing down, the manufacturer will ship straight to you, so that there is only one lot of freight in the price.
Gieseler 12 volt Linear Power Supply


These are linear low noise DC power supplies designed to improve the performance of digital audio accessory devices that are normally powered by small SMPS plug-packs. They also work well with NUC mini PC’s. Even the standard version will run an older model Celeron NUC. All the internal components are of high quality & are selected for reliability & sound quality where applicable. Capacitors are Nichicon “for Audio” types & Elna Silmic II’s.

They are powered by external IE core transformers. These have a distinct advantage over the usual Toroidal type as they have better isolation between the windings & are much lower bandwidth. Lower bandwidth means less HF noise coming in via the mains. Also being external there is less radiated hum entering the power supply circuitry. Pedja Rogic (2013) does a nice explanation of Toroidal vs IE core transformer for audio use. http://www.audialonline.com/online-topics/psu-transformers-ei-vs-toroidal-and-more/

Noise, hum & ripple levels are very low due to the tracking pre-regulator design using new low noise high performance regulators. Also what helps to reduce noise as well is the use of Schottky diodes & CLC filtering. The filter choke is a common mode type which helps remove any CM noise coming from the mains; also they have short circuit & thermal protection.

The DC output cable/connection is an area that is often neglected; so the manufacturer has gone to extra lengths to get it right. The DC output on the supply uses a Neutrik 16 Amp XLR gold pin socket. The supplied DC cable uses a matching Neutrik gold pin plug hand soldered to a 10A lead with moulded DC barrel connector for ruggedness.

When you order a power supply we need to know what it is being connected to so we can supply the correct DC lead to fit your unit. The main difference between the standard & higher voltage version is just the external power transformer that is supplied with it. This is a bonus as it means if you started out with a 5v unit & down the track, if you require a 16v version, it is just a $50 transformer upgrade away.

This single output unit can be purchased with either the 10 v transformer for a 5v-9v output range or a 16v transformer or the 9-16v output range. The 5v to 9v version costs $275.00 delivered & the 9v-16v version is $350.00 delivered.

All units will come with a full two year parts & labour “return to base” warranty.


Standard Low Noise Supply
A single output rated at 1.5 Amps. Available in the following voltages. 5v, 7.5v (Regen) & 9v . Note these voltages are preset by an internal jumper. It also has a 12v option but the current is limited to about 550 ma. The unit is powered by an external 10v AC 2.4 A transformer. It has short circuit & thermal protection. Noise level is approximately 20 uV to 40 uV depending on voltage setting. Ripple & hum rejection is approximately 100 dB. 

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